MissionCIT provides Fire Department EMS Training, Fire Department Promotional Testing, and Fire Department Strategic Planning.  In addition, you can find EMT courses near me if you are living in Connecticut.

MissionCIT Fire Department EMS Training

Our MissionCIT Fire Department EMS Training All-in-one service is for fire departments that want the confidence to know that their non-firefighter training is always handled professionally and on time. MissionCIT provides just that service for EMS and CPR recertifications and OSHA annual training. Plus, we handle all the recertification paperwork too.

Now you can focus your internal resources on firefighter training and officer development! While Mission CIT does the rest for one monthly all-inclusive fee that reduces your overall training costs.

It’s like having an entire EMS training team on your staff, ensuring everyone’s licenses are up to date and in compliance. And you get an LMS and distance learning classroom exclusively for your department’s use.

With Mission CIT’s All-in-One, you can Upload courses, department videos, PowerPoint content, or just make sure your team complies with SOPs.

And of course, Mission CIT provides on-site, local certified EMS I instructors for in-person skills sessions and special classes. Truly, with fresh online content, hybrid courses, and in-person training, this is an All-in-one, hassle-free service.

Sound interesting? Please give us a call or fill in the contact form, and we will get right back to you.

EMT Courses Near Me

So, if you are looking for EMT Courses Near Me, Our upcoming Hybrid Initial EMT Courses are now available at four locations including Litchfield, Willimantic, Windsor Locks and our newest location Stamford Connecticut. While the performance-based course prepares you for the NR EMT exam and the world of pre-hospital care.

Content includes human anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, Patient Assessment, treatment, emergency care, and Patient Transportation. These interactive online courses are available 24 by 7.

In addition are scheduled live online group study sessions, Five in-person skills sessions, plus a final skills evaluation. Of course, It is certified by CTOEMS and conforms to NR EMT guidelines. Sign up now.

And if you are already an EMT, check out our flexible online recertification courses.

Check out our upcoming courses

EMT Courses Near Me

EMT Courses Near Me

Fire Department Promotional Testing

This service is available for fire service departments seeking to begin an internal training program, or for fire service departments with an established training program looking for more innovative and cutting-edge classes.  Courses that are developed are tailored to either traditional learning environments or the increasing demand for e-learning modalities. Hence, our consultants will work collaboratively with chief officers, training officers and training staff in creating a curriculum that meets your department’s standard operating procedures/guides.

So, leave the hard work of test construction and scoring to our consultants. We will ensure each test item is valid and that it is an accurate measurement of the target skill or concept. Most importantly, the tests are also reliable, which indicates that the measurement is consistently accurate. Our consultants will create tests for entry and promotional processes based on current NFPA standards that can be referenced back to the most current edition of textbook publications.

Fire Department Promotional Testing

Fire Department Promotional Testing

Fire Department Strategic Planning

For fire service departments seeking to bring their organizations to the next level.  Let our consultant team will show you the way. So, part of this process requires a Needs Assessment in which departments are able to recognize their strengths. While identifying areas in need for development. Our Consulting staff assists fire service department clients to develop a strategic plan.  Hence,  meeting the needs of internal and external stakeholders within the community. While consultant work will collaborate with the fire service department’s administration and membership.  Then determining prioritization of development areas.  And adding concrete steps to more efficiently reach their organization’s goals. While the development of long-term goals and objectives is a necessity for budgets that are increasingly shrinking.  And of course, it is imperative for fire service departments to have a clear path forward. Our consultants will work collaboratively and focus on the development of:

  • Mission Statement
  • Needs Assessment
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Plans for the Future
  • Areas Needing Improvement
  • Customer Needs
  • Create Strategies for Implementing the Plan
  • Create Strategic Plan Tracking Document

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